An Introduction

Wales Bangladesh Chamber of Commerce (WBCC) with the support of Welsh Assembly Government (WAG) would like to organise an Event called Trading Partnership with Bangladesh. This will go hand in hand to adding value to the Trade Mission that the WBCC would like to organise in 2015. The Trade Mission is to strengthen the growing relationship between Wales and Bangladesh and develop the trade that we do.

Wales and Bangladesh are lands of opportunities were entrepreneurship is vibrant and acceding day by day. The WBCC believe that now is the right time to introduce the growing international trade that is happening in the world to up coming Bangladeshi entrepreneurs and ensure that Welsh Bangladeshi Businesses are playing their part in the global economy and getting their share of the global business which in turn will assist in the growth of our home country, Wales.

This is also a great time to introduce Welsh Companies that want to do business in Bangladesh to Welsh Bangladeshi Entrepreneurs who have liquid cash to invest in a business opportunity in Bangladesh. Having the local knowledge and political connections to make a business opportunity work for both parties concerned leading to the development of a trade partnership.

The WBCC was established in 2008 with the recognition of the growing trade that was taking place between the United Kingdom and Bangladesh. There was a need of a voice that is independent but yet takes into consideration the views and apathy of both Welsh and Bangladeshi businesses, and their operators.

We increasingly found that in the bilateral trade between the United Kingdom and Bangladesh, Wales was the only nation within the United Kingdom that was missing out in providing a number of services and products that are heavily needed and demanded by Bangladesh which Wales had a rich heritage in delivering and could provide.

The Welsh Bangladeshi Business Community and our members felt that English based organisations did not have the infrastructure in place to listen to their needs or to assist them. These entrepreneurs wanted a home grown organisation that could understand the unique Welsh Bangladeshi Business culture that had developed over the past 200 years of Bangladeshi Trade in Wales. This was the turning point when the Wales Bangladesh Chamber of Commerce was formed.

Currently the WBCC holds more than 357 subscription membership, this is growing annually. The members combined turnover last was estimated to be over £188 million and employing 3000 people annually just in Wales. The potential membership turnover of Welsh Bangladeshi businesses in Wales is estimated at over £3 billion and this figure is also growing as we are finding that our members and potential members are diversifying in different business sectors while excelling in the technology and knowledge based sectors when it comes to international investment.

All the Chamber Directors and Office bearers are volunteers and are selected from the Welsh Bangladeshi Business Community based on their sector knowledge and skill set. The Chamber itself is fully funded by its members and their generous donations. Going forward, the chamber hopes to make a fully self sustaining organisation whereby it funds its operation by the services delivered to its membership.

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