Aims & Objectives of WBCC

  • To promote, protect and strengthen bilateral trade and commerce between Bangladesh and the Wales.
  • To liaise between and maintain close ties with traders both in Bangladesh and Wales also between such trade organisations as British Chamber of Commerce and relevant Government ministries in Bangladesh.
  • To introduce Welsh Bangladeshi Entrepreneurs to the business support structures that Wales has to offer for new and young businesses.
  • To encourage young entrepreneurship amongst the Welsh Bangladeshi youths. To encourage entrepreneurship amongst Welsh Bangladeshi Females. Highlight Welsh success in international trade and in the field of entrepreneurship.
  • To unite the Welsh Bangladeshi business community with the mainstream.
  • To promote investment, joint-ventures, training, research and development opportunities between traders in Bangladesh and Wales and such other countries as are deemed appropriate for our membership.
  • To organise and participate in all manner of exhibitions and trade shows for the purposes of demonstrating new goods and services; encouraging the exchange of personnel, information, expertise and methodology; and to generally encourage further co-operation in trade and commerce between the members of the Chamber and generally between the traders in Bangladesh and Wales, plus other relevant Countries.
  • To represent, express and give effect to the views and opinions of the Chamber to all those concerned businesses on matters affecting their interests at international, national, regional and local Government level. Also to provide facility for change or publication of such views or opinions between the members of the Chamber and others.
  • To promote, support or oppose Welsh, United Kingdom or foreign legislation or other measures of any kind whether proposed or existing, that tries to create a barrier to businesses or objects to the Aims & Objectives of a free and fair Chamber.
  • To promote the use of new and sustainable technology for the purpose of business efficiency & sustainability.
  • To promote global and local e-commerce, assist the members in understanding its use and advantages for the betterment of their business sustainability and growth.
  • To use technology to enable members to better communicate and provide a forum whereby they can promote their businesses throughout Wales to ensure that the Chamber speaks with one voice.
  • To collect, publish, circulate or make known by such means as may be expedient statistics advertisements and other information, opinion and documents in any written form or otherwise relating to any of the above business or the Chamber or its objectives.
  • To enter into agreements with other chambers of commerce and other bodies of the advancement of any of the above businesses and the protection of those conducting them in Wales and overseas.
  • To undertake the settlement by arbitration of disputes arising out of any of the above businesses or trading, commercial or industrial transaction.

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